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It's a sad day for gamers everywhere...…
Seems like the month of July is Problem Month for some of us.

Basically, there are two Patreons I would like people to look at, the first being mine.

The hard drive in my laptop is slowly starting to die on me. I'm going to be applying a short term fix on it over the next few days, by pretty much cloning my entire drive to an external one and booting everything from there. Now, while that'll allow me to get back to doing things for a while, I really just need to upgrade to a better machine. I need at least $300 a month (which is about £192), to be able to put a deposit down and then pay the rest off via credit. Plus, the extra cash will help with my living expences. It's also at a critical time when I'm trying to develop a YouTube career, so, any help would be gladly received:…

The second person that needs help is :icontheecchiqueen: Seems like she's having trouble making ends meet and her husband is working himself too hard, to the point where Ecchi is getting worried. This is obviously something she wants to do for a living and art is something she holds very close to her heart, so try to support her in any way you can:…

Thanks in advance for any assistance any one can give to either one of our Patreons (or if you can do both, you really are a brilliant person!)
Having to write this from the local library computers right now.

Needless to say, my laptop developed a problem and I had to send it to the shop to get repaired. I could get it back anywhere between tomorrow, to maybe Monday/Tuesday next week.

Just thought I'd let people know before some of them start freaking out that I haven't been online for X number of days.
Four Gamers and two ponies by Noobmister
Four Gamers and two ponies
I was getting bored looking at the default banner skin for my Twitch channel, so I decided to make something for it.

This took a lot longer than expected, mostly because I was trying to find all the hats and misc items to get the four sonas right. Even then, I had to either leave things out or use different styled items. Oh well, it was worth it in the end =P

And yes, I've changed my TF2sona. I'm the happy looking Sniper.

Jw91 (Sir account not found)

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